Class 1: January 25

Welcome to Interactive design and the internet!

  1. Introduce class
  2. Brief history of the web
  3. Introductions
  4. HTML basics & Exercise: Variations on a song
  5. Introduce Project 1: Interview

For next week

  1. Read Olia Lialina, Vernacular Web, 2007.
  2. Set up your class site using Github pages.
  3. Finish your Exercise: Variations on a song and post it to Github Pages.
  4. Find two examples of interviews online and post them to our class channel.

    If you don't have an account, signup for one (it's free) and join the class group.

  5. Read through Getting to know HTML & Getting to know CSS (we’ll recap both in class next week).

I'll host office hours on Sunday from 5-7pm if anybody wants to set up GitHub together, or meet for any reason. Sign up here.

Class 2: February 1

In class

  1. Reading response: Vernacular web 2022
  2. Share songs: could everybody put a link to their song websites here.
  3. HTML recap + CSS
  4. Rosa + Rok show some work

For next week

  1. Read Frank Chimero, The Web’s Grain, 2015
  2. Read through CSS: The Box Model and CSS positioning.
  3. Style your class site. Use CSS to give some visual style to your class homepage.
  4. Interview: rough draft. Bring in a coded rough draft of your interview. You should conduct your interview before next class, and then start to build a website for it. A rough draft could mean that you typeset the transcript of your interview in HTML, for example, or that you build the first 'page' of a multi-page interview. It might mean something different depending on your project. In any case, bring in some kind of coded sketch that we can talk about together.

Class 3: February 8

In class

  1. Share interview examples. In pairs, take a look at the class channel for interview examples. Pick one to present to the class, and spend a few minutes analyzing its design. Think about:
    • Overall visual layout. What types of content are present, and how are they arranged?
    • User experience. What interactions are there on the site? How does it work as you scroll down the page, click on things, resize your browser, etc.
    • Any other unusual or noteworthy design features?
  2. CSS Positioning
  3. Exercise: An arrangement of pictures
  4. Meet in small groups to talk about the Interview. Sign up here.
  5. If time... at 5pm, let's regroup to look at the exercise.

PSA: File names and folder names should contain only letters, digits, and underscores—no spaces, punctuation, or funny characters. The first character of your file name should be a letter.

Just wanted to reiterate that because this is a common issue that can break your pages on GitHub, and it's hard to troubleshoot :)

For next week

  1. Read through CSS: Animations and transitions. Also take a look at the Flexbox and Grid sections of CSS Positioning.
  2. Keep working on the interview... that's due in two weeks, 2/22.
  3. Read Laurel Schwulst, My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be?, 2018
  4. Research: We talked a little about navigation last class. Find two examples of websites that you think do interesting things with navigation, and add those to our class channel.

Class 4: February 15

In class

  1. In groups, share your in-progress interview projects. In discussing each person's work, think about the following:
  1. CSS Animations + Transitions
  2. Take a look at navigation examples on
  3. Work time

For next week

  1. Finish your interview. We'll share interviews next week and kick off Project 2: the tool.
  2. Technical lesson: Responsive design + Media Queries

    Read through Making Layouts Responsive.
    Or, if you prefer video, take a look at Chapter 8: Fluid and Responsive Layouts on Linked in Learning.

  3. Reading: El Paquete Semanal Comes to New York. Artist Julia Weist will join next week to discuss her work.

Class 5: February 22

In class

  1. Artist Julia Weist will share some work.
  2. Review interview project
  3. JavaScript warmup

For next week

  1. Interview wrap-up
  2. Technical lesson: jQuery
  3. Reading: TBD

Ritu Ghiya will join next week as a guest. For more on her work:

Class 6: March 1

In class

  1. Review interviews ~ 1:30-2:20
    In the classroom, we'll look interviews from Julio, Jisung, Kayla, Lourdes, and Siri
  2. Guest lecture: Ritu Ghiya ~ 2:30-3:30
    Via zoom, we'll be joined by Ritu Ghiya who is going to share some work. If you prefer to join from your own computer, that works.
  3. JavaScript intro ~ 3:45 - 4:45
  4. Share interview updates ~ 4:45 - 5:30
    In the classroom, time to share any updates on the interviews after you've made those responsive.

For next week

  1. Finish Exercise: Keyboard instrument

  2. Technical lesson: Loops and functions
    --> If you prefer video:
    Watch sections 5 - Iterating with Loops and 6 - Functions from Learning the JavaScript Language course on LinkedInLearning
    --> If you prefer text:
    Read JavaScript Loops and Iteration and JavaScript Functions

  3. Read Ricardo Dominguez, Entr’actions: From Radical Transparency to Radical Translucency, 2015

Class 7: March 8

In class

  1. Reading discussion
  2. Share Interview improvements (responsive) + keyboard instrument
  3. JavaScript/jQuery Part II
  4. Work time

For next week

  1. Finish the Exercise: Input/Output
  2. Start thinking about your Project 2: Tool. For next week:
    • Decide who your one-person audience is. Remember, this should be a single, specific person, with a name.
    • Think about what you want to make for this person. Bring in an idea for the tool.
  3. Read American Artist, Black Gooey Universe.
  4. Tecnical reading: Randomness, Dates, and Timing
    A short recap of three things we talked about in class.
  5. Fill out mid-semester feedback on Canvas.

Class 8: March 15

In class

1:30-2:15 - all together

2:30-5:30 - small groups / work time
Meet in groups to talk about the next project.
Sign up here. Two goals for these meetings:

Rok will also be available at this time to help you 1-1.

For next class

  1. Keep working on the tool. We'll present/show this project on 4/5.

  2. Start thinking about Project 3: Billboard. Nothing formal to bring in for next class, take a look at the project page. When we get back, I'd like to discuss a venue and date for a final presentation of the projects. I think Saturday, April 23, at 32 Edgewood gallery (near the sculpture building, formerly called EIK) could work, but open to discussion on both date and location.

If you want to meet before next class:

Class 9: March 29

In class

  1. Class-wide talk about the last project + final presentation. Including Dynamic websites.
  2. Small groups - show + tell work in progress on the tool.
  3. Work time

For next week

Class 10: April 5

In class

  1. Rok is going to share his Atrium Announcement project
  2. Quick demo about how to make a website using - see Google slides here
  3. We'll share the Tool projects and discuss as a class

For next week

  1. Using the demo code linked above, build a website that displays content from an channel.
  2. Read Dan Michaelson and Jack Balkin: Sometimes it looks like a duck, sometimes it looks like a rabbit

Class 11: April 12

In class

  1. Review tools from:
    Ainsley Romero
    Claire Hungerford
    Jisung Park
    Julio Correa
    Junyan Hu
    Lourdes Rohan
    Merritt Barnwell
  2. Demo: Making a website with Airtable
  3. Share exercise.
  4. Discuss ideas for the Billboard.
  5. at 4:45... a short field trip to the gallery to see Chia Amisola's senior thesis,

For next week

  1. Experiment with Airtable. You might want to:

I'll plan to go over Airtable again on Sunday from 5-5:30pm. Then I'll do regular office hours from 5:30-7pm. Sign up here for either.

  1. Bring in an idea for your billboard.
    Your idea should include:

I'd encourage you to:

Class 12: April 19

In class

  1. Quick demo: Accelerometer + using Glitch
    Demo code at the following links:
  1. Group meetings - Sign up here.

Two questions about our event:

For next week

Class 13: April 26

In class ~~ Last Class !

1:30-2:30 -- all-class meeting in the classroom
We'll use this time to:

1-1 meetings -- Sign up here

For next week

Final presentation: April 30

April 30, 2-4pm
Green Hall drawing classroom, G01

Join us for a presentation of final projects from the spring Art 369: Intro to Interactive Design class. Work by Merritt Barnwell, Julio Correa, Michael Gancz, Kayla Hawkins, Darnell Henderson, Junyan Hu, Claire Hungerford, Siri Lee, Daedalus Li, Jisung Park, Yuseon Park, Neeta Patel, Tulsi Patel, Lourdes Rohan, and Ainsley Romero.